Founder Principal’s Message

Logos College which opened its doors in 2007, with a small group of 28 students, has grown over the past 10 years. The aim of this website will be to help those who access it more informed of all that is happening in the school. In this age of instant communication we hope that this will be a useful tool for both parents and students alike.
Logos has grown in ways we could not have anticipated. The belief of the parents, teachers and the Church in a new kind of school, with a better vision for education, both academic and moral, both spiritual and psychological has enabled us to move forward into the future.
Our goal at Logos College has been to challenge the students academically, grow them socially and emotionally and guide them towards independent thinking and problem solving. Students are encouraged to display good character and to make wise choices that will mould them into being better citizens of our nation.
The students themselves have shown that they can achieve greatness, while showing kindness and empathy to the special students amongst them, whom they treat as their own brothers and sisters: they have demonstrated that scholarship, moral character and leadership can and must coexist in this modern world. Our vision is to help them to be the salt and light in the world.
God has been good to us in these past ten years. We have been encouraged by His guidance, faithfulness and love. Through all the many challenges faced, we must remember the words of our school motto as we strive to “do the Utmost, for His Highest”.
Finally, I would like to encourage students to work hard in school, set goals for their lives and stay focused on those goals. Lastly remember, to always stand up for what is right.

Mrs. Priyani Fernando

2007 to 2019