Logos College Nursery

The Logos College Nursery consists of two classes – the Lower Kindergarten and the Upper Kindergarten. The Lower Kindergarten is for children aged 3 – 4+ years, while the Upper Kindergarten accommodates students aged 4 – 5+ years. The nursery operates from 8.00 am – 11.30 am on weekdays in accordance with the school calendar, except in January when new students are admitted to school a week after normal sessions commence.

The curriculum followed is a mix of both the Montessori and Preschool methods.

The first few hours of the day are often used to engage in formal learning activities. The Lower Kindergarten mainly focuses on developing a child’s finer motor skills through activities such as colouring and handwork. In addition, letters of the English alphabet are introduced creatively in the form of handwork so that children are familiarized with the alphabet prior to reaching the next class. Furthermore, in the Lower Kindergarten the atmosphere provided is to nurture children’s social skills.

The Upper Kindergarten emphasizes more on teaching the alphabet and numbers from 1-10 as a priority. A single letter in the English alphabet is introduced per week and handwork is carried out in relation to the letter introduced. This gives the parents an opportunity to be aware of what is been done in school, as nursery students are not given homework. In addition, it also helps students further familiarize themselves with letters. Furthermore, a few letters associated with a student’s mother tongue (Sinhala or Tamil) is introduced with the aim of familiarizing students with that language. Students are given exercises in writing letters and numbers, and various creative activities are carried out to make learning interesting and memorable. Children are always encouraged to write independently with minimal assistance from teachers. The main aim of this class is to prepare students holistically for Grade 1.

Parents’ days are held each term for both Lower and Upper Kindergarten in order to keep parents informed about student’s progress.

Both classes are equipped with toys and other necessary tools to provide the students with the opportunity to play and interact with each other daily.

The last hour of the day is dedicated to either discussing an interesting topic ( eg – a rainy day, the life cycle of a butterfly, how a plant grows), learning a poem, story time or singing.

Students are provided with a variety of extracurricular activities ranging from swimming and aquatic games at the swimming meet, doing art and handwork leading up to an Art Exhibition, singing (daily), participation at the Junior Sports Meet, participation at the annual Carol Service, along with washing days, cookery days (once a term) and going on excursions each term.

Admission forms to the Logos College Nursery are available at the school office.