Upper School

Logos College offers upper school students a comprehensive education in both the National and Cambridge syllabus. Students are provided with facilities that give them a wide varied subject selection, with an option to choose the area that they want to specialize in. Spacious classrooms and laboratory facilities are available to assist students and our teachers have had access to training conducted by educational institutions that are responsible for implementing and supervising the two systems of education offered by our school. In addition to the educational guidance that Logos offers there are many extracurricular activities such as Scouting, Choir, Band, Speech competitions, Drama, Debate Competitions, Annual Sports Meet, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Badminton, Basketball, and Swimming with qualified coaches conducting training, held under supervision by teachers assigned to be in charge of specific activities.

Activities that are available to students, that will enhance and encourage them to further develop their social interaction are facilities such as the Social Services Club and the Christian Association conducted by the school. Students are also urged to actively participate in all school activities which develop their latent talents. Meetings are regularly held between school authorities and parents to update parents about the progress made by their children and to make good any shortcomings or omissions the students have experienced.