Cricket practices are held every week at Cooray Park. Our Junior team (Grades 3 – 5) is coached by Mr. Roy every Monday at the grounds ajoining our school during school hours, while the Seniors (Grades 5 upwards) are coached by Mr. Ranga Weerasinghe .

Cricket highlights of 2019

The highlight of 2019 was the Cricket Carnival held on 26th January 2019 to encourage new players to join our cricket team. It was an encouragement to see about 20 new players who participated in the carnival. Of these, about 11 players were chosen to attend hard ball cricket practices. We hope to have this carnival at the begining of each year.

During 2019 we could not have many practices on Mondays as planned due to the security issues and also due to the inclement weather patterns we experienced.We did have a friendly cricket match against Royal Institute Colombo on 9th September 2019. Although we lost by a small margin it taught our players where mistakes were made and what needed correction.

We were not able to have our friendly cricket encounter with St. Michael’s College, Batticola during 2018/2019 due to various reasons. We hope to revive it during 2020.

Thank you,

Mr. Kingston S. Sivapragasm

Master in charge