Social Services Club

The Social Service Club of Logos College was formed at the end of 2015 in order to help the students recognize what social responsibility entailed.

Active participation in the club is open to students  Grade 9 upwards, with Grade 8 students participating as observers.

The club has since been involved in planning a number of community service projects. In 2015 the committee organized a visit to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital Childrens ward. They raised funds through sales and donations, with these funds they purchased a set of chairs for their auditorium, and during the visit, spent time with the patients, singing songs and drawing pictures.

In 2016, in response to the devastating floods, the club collected donations, both in cash or kind, collecting basic dry rations and essential commodities. These were handed over to organizations who were involved with the collection and distribution of such relief to flood victims.

The club has also visited the Preethipura Home for the differently abled. The students performed for the residents of the home, carrying out a sing along and a variety act.

In 2017, a beach clean up was organized. A strip of beach in Wellawatte was selected and the students collected and disposed of the garbage found in the area.

In 2018, the club engaged in two visits to the Bethlehem Creche located in Borella that fed and housed infants and little children of destitute parents. Funds were collected through food sales and donations and food stuffs and other neccessary items were donated to the creche.

In the future the club plans to implement several awareness programs and work more closely with the society around us.

Master in charge – Johann Perera