Debating Society

Logos College has a bright and upcoming group of young debators. Having only recently started, the school has successflly held three consecutive annual Inter House Debating Competitions. Each year sees the rise of some promising young debators. We hope the art of public speaking, the conviction and clarity needed to articulate decisive debates, the enthusiasm and energy of rebuttals that leads a team on to victory will all serve to entice more and more students to take part in this activity.

2017 saw the start of Junior Debating at Logos, with our first ever Junior Inter House Debating Competition. Many students from Grades 6 to 8 were able to appreciate the art of debating and we hope this instills a love and insight into this art that will mold them into better debators in the future.

Both senior and junior debating competitions have continued as an annual event in the school calendar.

Faculty advisor – Mr Johann Perera and Ms. Chamarie Rebeira