Cub Scouts

The Logos College Cub Scouts began in 2016. The troop has grown in number over the past years  and has now over 40 members, with students from Grades 2 to 5. The Cub Scouts have taken part in many social events and scouting activities. The Cub Scout’s Membership Badge Ceremony was held in October 2017, and at this event they were presented with their scout badges and uniforms. Logos College is very proud of its young cubs and hopes that their enthusiasm continues to grow!

In November 2019, the Cub Scouts of Logos College achieved their Gold Star Badge. A special ceremony was held at school to commerate this achievement under the patronage of the Assistant District Commissioner of Cubs,  Colombo District, Ms. Yvonne Charles.

Cub Scout Trainer – Mrs. Varuni Samarakodi

Teachers in charge – Mrs. Jeyaranjini Blanchard & Ms. Priyadarshika Rajaratnam, Ms. Sajina Ereshani

Parent – Mrs. Roshini Mendis

Assistant- Miss. Debra Weerasooriya


Also formed in 2016, the Logos College Scouts have over 20 members from Grades 6 upwards. There are four Scout Patrols, namely the Cheetah Patrol, the Peacock Patrol, the Jaguar Patrol and the Eagle Patrol. The company plans to have it’s Membership Badge Ceremony in the near future.

Teacher in charge – Mrs.  Marie Adolphus