Model United Nations Society

The Model United Nations Society began in 2016 with the first delegation of students from Logos attending the 9th annual session of the Sri Lanka Model United Nations Conference in September, 2016.

A total of 15 delegates, headed by the society’s first President, Nushan Hewage, represented various countries at South Asia’s largest student-run conference. The conference prides itself in giving youth opportunities in molding themselves to be future leaders and diplomats, concentrating on debate, leadership, negotiation, research and critical thinking skills.

The society also sent a delegation  to the annual LISMUN conferences held in December 2017,  organized by Lyceum International School. We were also pleased to have sent a small delegation for the inaugural RICHMUN Conference in 2017, organized by Richmond College, Galle.

The club hopes to grow and encourage more students to engage in open debate and discussion relating to various world and national issues, take part in many more Model United Nations conferences held and build up the leadership, critical thinking and public speaking skills of all the students that join.

Faculty advisers –  Sir Ray De Silva.